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1. Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0
abnormal, adrift, afloat, agitated, alternating, ambitendent, ambivalent, amiss, amorphous, askew, at issue, at loose ends, awry, back, balled-up, bereft of reason, bothered, brainsick, broken, bustling, capricious, careening, catchy, changeable, changeful, changing, chaotic, choppy, clouded, cockeyed, conditional, conditioned, confused, contingent, convulsed, crackbrained, cracked, crazed, crazy, daft, deluded, demented, dependent, depending, deprived of reason, deranged, desultory, deviable, deviative, disarranged, discomfited, discomposed, disconcerted, disconnected, discontinuous, dislocated, disordered, disorderly, disorganized, disoriented, disquieted, distraught, disturbed, dizzy, double-minded, dubious, dubitable, due, eccentric, embarrassed, erratic, ever-changing, exiled, fast and loose, fence-sitting, fence-straddling, fickle, fidgety, fitful, flickering, flighty, flitting, fluctuating, fluid, flustered, fluttered, fluttering, fluttery, freakish, fretful, frontier, fussed, fussing, fussy, giddy, groundless, guttering, hallucinated, halting, haywire, herky-jerky, heteroclite, homeless, houseless, immethodical, impetuous, impulsive, in a jumble, in a pother, in a pucker, in a stew, in a sweat, in a swivet, in a tizzy, in disorder, in question, in suspense, in the balance, inconclusive, inconsistent, inconstant, indecisive, infirm, infirm of purpose, insane, intermittent, intermitting, irrational, irregular, irresolute, irresolved, irresponsible, jerky, jumbled, jumpy, loco, lunatic, lurching, mad, maddened, manic, mature, mazed, mazy, mental, mentally deficient, mercurial, meshuggah, misplaced, mixed up, mixed-up, mobile, moody, moon-struck, mugwumpian, mugwumpish, mutable, non compos, non compos mentis, nonuniform, not all there, not proved, not right, odd, of two minds, of unsound mind, off, on the fritz, open, out of gear, out of joint, out of kelter, out of kilter, out of order, out of place, out of tune, out of whack, outcast, outlandish, outstanding, overdue, owing, patchy, payable, pendent, pending, perplexed, perturbed, problematic, protean, psycho, put-out, queer, rambling, rattled, reasonless, remote, restive, restless, riled, roiled, roily, rough, roving, ruffled, scatterbrained, scrappy, senseless, shaken, shapeless, shifting, shifty, shook, shuffled, shuffling, sick, snatchy, spasmatic, spasmic, spasmodic, spastic, spineless, sporadic, spotty, staggering, stark-mad, stark-staring mad, stateless, strange, suspenseful, tense, tetched, touched, troubled, tumultuous, turbid, turbulent, unaccountable, unascertained, unattested, unauthenticated, unbalanced, uncertain, uncertified, unclear, unconfirmed, uncontrolled, uncorroborated, uncounted, undecided, undemonstrated, undependable, undetermined, undisciplined, uneasy, unequal, unestablished, uneven, unfixed, unfounded, unharbored, unhinged, unhoused, unmethodical, unmetrical, unnerved, unorganized, unpeaceful, unplaced, unpredictable, unproved, unproven, unquiet, unregular, unreliable, unresolved, unrestful, unrestrained, unrhythmical, unsane, unshown, unsound, unstable, unstable as water, unstaid, unsteadfast, unsteady, unsubstantiated, unsupported, unsupported by evidence, unsustained, unsystematic, untested, untold, untried, unvalidated, unverified, up for grabs, upset, vacillating, vagrant, variable, varying, veering, vicissitudinary, vicissitudinous, volatile, wandering, wanton, wavering, wavery, wavy, wayward, whimsical, wishy-washy, without basis, without grounds, witless, wobbling, wobbly
Dictionary Results for unsettled:
1. WordNet® 3.0 (2006)
    adj 1: still in doubt; "an unsettled issue"; "an unsettled state
           of mind" [ant: settled]
    2: not settled or established; "an unsettled lifestyle" [ant:
    3: subject to change; "a changeable climate"; "the weather is
       uncertain"; "unsettled weather with rain and hail and
       sunshine coming one right after the other" [syn:
       changeable, uncertain, unsettled]
    4: not yet settled; "unsettled territory"

2. The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48
Unsettled \Unsettled\
   See settled.

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