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1. The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48
infinite loop \infinite loop\ n.
   1. (Computers) a series of instructions in a computer program
      which, when executed, cause a cyclic repetition of the
      same instructions, with no other action by the program,
      for as long as the program continues to be executed, or
      the loop is interrupted by some external action.

   Note: An infinite loop is rarely written intentionally except
         in cases where the loop is intended merely as a waiting
         sequence, to be interrupted by some action of the user.
         It is more commonly the result of a serious logical
         error on the part of the programmer, resulting in a
         failure of the program. Its execution can be halted
         only by halting execution of the program, e.g. by
         intervention of the operating system or by halting or
         resetting the computer. In single-user systems, when
         executing an infinite loop, the computer will appear to
         halt operation of the program, and the program will be
         unresponsive to normal keyboard input, though it may be
         interrupted by an unmasked interrupt.

2. The Jargon File (version 4.4.7, 29 Dec 2003)
infinite loop

    One that never terminates (that is, the machine spins or buzzes forever
    and goes catatonic). There is a standard joke that has been made about
    each generation's exemplar of the ultra-fast machine: ?The Cray-3 is so
    fast it can execute an infinite loop in under 2 seconds!?

3. The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018)
infinite loop
endless loop
wound around the axle

    (Or "endless loop") Where a piece of program is
   executed repeatedly with no hope of stopping.  This is nearly
   always because of a bug, e.g. if the condition for exiting
   the loop is wrong, though it may be intentional if the program
   is controlling an embedded system which is supposed to run
   continuously until it is turned off.  The programmer may also
   intend the program to run until interrupted by the user.  An
   endless loop may also be used as a last-resort error handler
   when no other action is appropriate.  This is used in some
   operating system kernels following a panic.

   A program executing an infinite loop is said to spin or
   buzz forever and goes catatonic.  The program is "wound
   around the axle".

   A standard joke has been made about each generation's exemplar
   of the ultra-fast machine: "The Cray-3 is so fast it can
   execute an infinite loop in under 2 seconds!"

   See also black hole, recursion, infinite loop.

   [Jargon File]


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