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1. WordNet® 3.0 (2006)
    n 1: a chordophone that has a triangular frame consisting of a
         sounding board and a pillar and a curved neck; the strings
         stretched between the neck and the soundbox are plucked
         with the fingers
    2: a pair of curved vertical supports for a lampshade
    3: a small rectangular free-reed instrument having a row of free
       reeds set back in air holes and played by blowing into the
       desired hole [syn: harmonica, mouth organ, harp, mouth
    v 1: come back to; "Don't dwell on the past"; "She is always
         harping on the same old things" [syn: harp, dwell]
    2: play the harp; "She harped the Saint-Saens beautifully"

2. The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48
Harp \Harp\, v. t.
   To play on, as a harp; to play (a tune) on the harp; to
   develop or give expression to by skill and art; to sound
   forth as from a harp; to hit upon.
   [1913 Webster]

         Thou 'st harped my fear aright.          --Shak.
   [1913 Webster]

3. The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48
Harp \Harp\ (h[aum]rp), n. [OE. harpe, AS. hearpe; akin to D.
   harp, G. harfe, OHG. harpha, Dan. harpe, Icel. & Sw. harpa.]
   1. A musical instrument consisting of a triangular frame
      furnished with strings and sometimes with pedals, held
      upright, and played with the fingers.
      [1913 Webster]

   2. (Astron.) A constellation; Lyra, or the Lyre.
      [1913 Webster]

   3. A grain sieve. [Scot.]
      [1913 Webster]

   Aeolian harp. See under Aeolian.
      [1913 Webster]

   Harp seal (Zool.), an arctic seal (Phoca Gr[oe]nlandica).
      The adult males have a light-colored body, with a
      harp-shaped mark of black on each side, and the face and
      throat black. Called also saddler, and saddleback. The
      immature ones are called bluesides; their fur is white,
      and they are killed and skinned to harvest the fur.

   Harp shell (Zool.), a beautiful marine gastropod shell of
      the genus Harpa, of several species, found in tropical
      seas. See Harpa.
      [1913 Webster]

4. The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48
Harp \Harp\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Harped (h[aum]rpt) p. pr. &
   vb. n. Harping.] [AS. hearpian. See Harp, n.]
   1. To play on the harp.
      [1913 Webster]

            I heard the voice of harpers, harping with their
            harps.                                --Rev. xiv. 2.
      [1913 Webster]

   2. To dwell on or recur to a subject tediously or
      monotonously in speaking or in writing; to refer to
      something repeatedly or continually; -- usually with on or
      upon. "Harpings upon old themes." --W. Irving.
      [1913 Webster]

            Harping on what I am,
            Not what he knew I was.               --Shak.
      [1913 Webster]

   To harp on one string, to dwell upon one subject with
      disagreeable or wearisome persistence. [Colloq.]
      [1913 Webster]

5. Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
   (Heb. kinnor), the national instrument of the Hebrews. It was
   invented by Jubal (Gen. 4:21). Some think the word _kinnor_
   denotes the whole class of stringed instruments. It was used as
   an accompaniment to songs of cheerfulness as well as of praise
   to God (Gen. 31:27; 1 Sam. 16:23; 2 Chr. 20:28; Ps. 33:2;
     In Solomon's time harps were made of almug-trees (1 Kings
   10:11, 12). In 1 Chr. 15:21 mention is made of "harps on the
   Sheminith;" Revised Version, "harps set to the Sheminith;"
   better perhaps "harps of eight strings." The soothing effect of
   the music of the harp is referred to 1 Sam. 16:16, 23; 18:10;
   19:9. The church in heaven is represented as celebrating the
   triumphs of the Redeemer "harping with their harps" (Rev. 14:2).

Thesaurus Results for Harp:

1. Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0
French harp, Irish harp, aeolian harp, cithara, clarsach, dulcimer, harmonica, harmonicon, heptachord, hexachord, kazoo, langspiel, lyre, mouth bow, mouth harp, mouth organ, polychord, symphonia, zither
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